Getchyapulls 112 – Reboot or Rebirth?

This week on Getchyapulls, Dan, Todd and Jay discuss another DC reboot? Or is it a rebirth? , Legends Of Tomorrow, Dead No More, Civil War 2 ,Deadpool movie hype and more! Plus new issue reviews from Marvel, DC, Image, IDW and more!


Midnight Black Mass V06E32 – Funny No Money

This week Dan reflects on the journey of A.J. Styles to finally becoming a WWE superstar on his own terms, a recap of recent Empire Wrestling cards and on this week’s featured segment we discuss some of our favorite intentional and unintentional comedy in professional wrestling.

Getchyapulls 111

Finally….Getchyapulls has come back to PoddyHumor. It was a long delay but the new season of GYP is here. Muji, Dan & Jay are here with comic book related TV, movie and more discussion. We talk about the reaction to Star Wars: TFA and will return with a full review on the next episode. Plus we review the latest issues from DC, Marvel, Image and more. Star Wars, Batman, Superman, Iron Man, The Walking Dead, TNMT, X-Men, Justice League, Black Magick, Lazarus, Nailbiter, Paper Girls, We Stand On Guard, The Fade Out, Ringside, Revival, Vader Down, The Flash, Aquaman, Antman, and more reviewed!

Midnight Black Mass V06E30 – Playing Favorites – Angles & Feuds

This week on the show, The Rev opens things solo again to recap the weeks events and the big news in pro wrestling. Our feature segment is “Playing Favorites – Angles & Feuds”, as myself and Andrew Alexander discuss our top 5 favorite wrestling angles of all time. Join us on a virtual tour of wrestling history from the 80s, and 90s as we go in depth on the issues that made us fans.

Midnight Black Mass v06E29 – The Force Awakens

Rev starts the show solo this week as Andrew has been taken out of action due to an in ring attack at Empire Pro Wrestling by “The White Rose”. Feature segment is a pre-recorded review and recap of Star Wars: The Force Awakens done shortly after their initial viewing. SPOILER FILLED. Do not listen to this episode if you haven’t seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Midnight Black Mass Vol 6 E28 – Holiday Special 3 – Playing Christmas Favorites

This week we rejoin you for the next to last episode of 2015, The Midnight Black Mass Holiday Special Part 3 – Playing Christmas Favorites. Come join the Reject family gathering once more (Rev. Dan Wilson, Andrew Alexander and “The Strong Style Psycho” Tank) and have a glass of Deviled Egg Nog as we spread and ingest all the holiday cheer counting down our top 3 favorite Holiday movies of all time. As our Christmas gift to you, subscribers get this episode early. All others will get it on 12/24. If we had candy canes up our butts, we wouldn’t be more fesitve.