Getchyapulls 116!

Getchyapulls is back with all the news surrounding DC Comics Rebirth, Hydra Cap, The Preacher and Outcast TV debuts, CW finales, and our official GYP review for Captain America: Civil War, we go into epic detail with this episode’s new issue reviews and we run the gauntlet from Marvel to DC to Image to IDW to everything in between. We review the end of the New 52/DCYou era and the Rebirth era which looks very much to be slowly reintroducing the pre Flashpoint continuity, Walking Dead and Southern Bastards are as raw as ever, Ant Man still astonishes, Sheriff Of Babylon brings Muji to tears and his man crush grows deeper on Tom King with The Vision, Star Wars mania and they haven’t put out a bad comic yet, Disney’s Haunted Mansion and more!


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