Midnight Black Mass Vol 6 E09 – Augustus Gloop


Spread the word around, the boys are back! All the filthy fun you’ve come to expect with volume 6 escalates to a new level. *Will a new contestant step up and take the “Promo or Porno” crown?

*We go over the “Sh*t Rolls Downhill” flow chart of pro wrestling politics

* Rundown of upcoming Empire Wrestling events including the Scenic City Invitational and the 8/1/15 Empire arena event.

* Andrew Alexander has a rough night as he earns the nickname Augustus Gloop on FOF: Tails Of A Single Man, and during a bizarre “Dear Andy” segment gives romantic advice in the midst of realizing you’re not supposed to stay awake after taking ambien….. and hijinx ensue. (Andy has never had a drop of alcohol, a drag off a cigarette or ingested any mind altering substance for recreation…just for reference.)

* Rev’s “People Suck On Social Media” series of rants finally reaches its apex on OMH.

and much more!


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