Midnight Black Mass – V06 E01 – Down a whole new rabbit hole


The Midnight Black Mass returns with a brand new format as The Rev welcomes co-host Andrew Alexander to the

show. While discussion and analysis of professional wrestling will remain the focus, and one on one interviews are far from a thing of the past, we aim to expand the scope of the show in volume 6 to include raunchy comedic skits, discussions of various aspects of nerd culture, relationship advice and more. Episode one features talk about the question marks surrounding the career of WWE’s Daniel Bryan, the 10 year celebration of Anarchy wrestling, as well as catch us up with recent happenings at Empire Wrestling. We also feature debut of 3 brand new segments. First, Dan and Andy hike up their pants and air their grievances with “Old Man Haters”, then a lucky contestant tests their might on the new game show “Promo or Porno”, and our new co-host jumps right in the thick of things by answering your relationship advice questions on “Dear Andy” . This is the most over the top. outrageous and adult themed version of the show yet, parental advisory is strongly recommended.


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